Recently, while trying to determine the accuracy of the lofty claims from the Obama Administration that our recent election was stolen by the Russians, The House Intelligence Committee had to cancel a scheduled, classified briefing from the FBI, CIA, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the NSA. As it turns out, the CIA had refused to brief the committee for reasons unknown, and none of the other organizations had even responded to their request. For those keeping score, the Intelligence Committee is the highest ranking and most senior committee with jurisdiction on security matters.

The electors who will decide the final result of the election in just a few days made it clear that they need to be briefed as well, as accusations of interference with a presidential election by such high level security agencies represent a huge threat to our election process. However, the Obama Administration and the agencies involved in the case have also refused to brief them, despite the fact that even as they refuse to do so, the administration continues to lobby the electors on behalf of the Democrats to switch their votes to Clinton.

This whole mess is clearly another example of the Obama Administration yet again abusing its powers and authority in order to influence the outcomes of the political process in the United States. If there was any proof of the Russians interfering with the actual election and changing the result, they would have provided the evidence to both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees and the electors who will decide the election’s final outcome in just a few days. The Administration has refused to provide proof because there isn’t any. Your team lost, Obama. Quit undermining our political process with your petty games, get over it and move on.

Inspired by recent coverage of these events from Zero Hedge: